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Quarter Final Heat 2

2011 Billabong pipe masters quarterfinals heat 2






Semi Final Heat 1

2011 Billabong pipe masters semi-finals heat 1


2011 Pipe Masters Final

2011 Billabong pipe masters semi-finals heat 1





Day 1 Wipe Outs

2011 Billabong Pipe masters Wipeouts










2011 BILLABONG PIPELINE MASTERS Final Day Top Waves 7.00 Plus

Gutsy call by Randy to go three days in a row. Swell models are that models not the real thing and you never know what is going to happen at that 180 hour plus mark. The swell had shifted from WNW to more North over the nights as it backed way off. I was hopeful that pipe would be good. By the time Kelly and John John had ripped off 3 killer back door barrels I decided to trek on down below the Billabong house for the rest of the day. The third heat of the quarters did not see a lot off waves until I got set up. Yea as soon as I started shooting pipe started to fire. It was all worth it when KP ripped of his perfect 10 on a sick backdoor barrel. You always try to keep the red light flashing when these guys are ripping because you never can tell when they can decide Houdini still lives. This run is in order of score from KP's 10 to John John's 7.00. Check back for more as I get through the data. Next up will be the quarters with John John Florence and Kelly Slater

Aloha Ted

2011 Billabong PipeMasters Final Day Highlights "So Fun"
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2011 BILLABONG PIPELINE MASTERS Top Heat of the Last Day Kelly Slater vs. John John Florence Quarter 2

Seems like a bad deal for John John Florence having to beat 11 time ASP World Champion twice Kelly Slater twice in a row. John John tried and it came down to Kelly Slater pulling it out with 43 seconds left in the heat. You do not get to 11 world titles on accident. I was set up on the Pipe side and most of the actions was Back Door. I did get some good drops. This is the complete heat of the 2nd quarterfinal for the 2011 Pipe Masters. Look for the finals next.

This page is for the guest of the Inn of the Beachcomber and those of you that love epic waves. We are not affiliated with the Triple Crown of Surfing so if you are looking for the official Billabong Pipe Masters page click the logo above. For our live surf cam in Gold Beach Oregon and the south coast forecast go to the source

2011 BILLABONG PIPELINE MASTERS Semi-final 1 Kelly Slater vs Joel Parkinson

The heat was setting up for Kelly Slater until he took off back door with six and a half minutes left. The barrel looked to close quickly and Kelly Slater had to take a few on the head. Finally he surfed in and ran down the beach to the rip to paddle back out. Joel Parkinson had his pick during the four and a half minutes kelly took to get back out. With 2.46 minutes he saw what looked good and slid into a nice pipe barrel that was rewarded with a 8.60 to give him the win.

2011 BILLABONG PIPELINE MASTERS Final Kieren Perrow (Blue) vs Joel Parkinson (Red)

It would have been tough to match the waves of the first two days on the third day of the swell. The waves started coming in a little more from the north which opened up Backdoor for the first time in the 2012 Billabong Pipe Masters. That being said Kieren Perrow did manage to nail 2 waves within seconds to score the winning total of 13.17. Parko never could find anything to score and finished with a total of 7.00 points. Kieren Perrow also had the wave of the day with a perfect 10.00 late in his semi-final against Michel Bourez. Great story Kieren need to finish in the top five. After a killer heat which was the top scoring heat in round three (18.73). Even though he tore himself up in a late wipeout in the 3rd round he was able to get by Shane Dorian. His victory in the Quarters over Gabriel Medina put him into both the 2011 Pipe Masters semi's and the 2012 ASP World Tour.

2011 Billabong Pipe Masters Morning Crush Reel

Pretty darn epic. What a day for the first two rounds of the Billabong Pipe Masters here on the north shore of Oahu. The NFL seems to be about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos which leads me into... I can remember when they had some of the early John Elway teams lead by the orange crush defenses. So much footage to get through so I thought I would start with the Crush reel. When these guys get crushed they got to hope Tebow is praying for them!!!

I was not sure of what to expect this morning when I peddled down to Pipe at seven this morning to get a spot to shoot. The wind did show up but the swell was stronger and the bombs keep coming. I am thinking we will be a go tomorrow for the third round, but it has been windy tonight. I only got through about a third of the footage. You guys can go to the official site for the big money highlights. I decided to put up a crush reel to give you all an idea of what these guys went through. Not a lot of waves caught today the crush was the reason.

Pretty darn epic no one died just a bunch of broken boards and a dislocated shoulder. Stay tuned for more. Aloha Ted